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Haley Struxness is the Founder of the WERQ Dance Fitness brand. With a background in hip hop, sports, group fitness, and personal training, Struxness exudes positive power and passion to create an energetic buzz in her wildly addictive WERQ cardio dance classes. Her career in fitness began in 2004 as a Group Fitness Instructor at the University of Missouri, where she attended college. Upon moving to Chicago, Haley took on leadership roles in boutique and large gyms, managing over 140 group fitness classes per week. In pursuit of her dreams of creating an empowering and fun workout, Haley launched WERQ in 2011. With over 2,000 WERQ Instructors in 50 states, Haley’s brand reaches thousands of WERQaholics weekly. Haley works as the CEO of WERQ Fitness in Kansas City where she lives with her two gutsy girls. IG: @haley.WERQfitness


Choreographer and Instructor

Tara Jackson is the Founder/Creator of Kreative Force Choreo, LLC, an innovative dance choreography company created to provide crowd rocking and wildly energetic game day/ competition routines and/or pre-choreographed dance routines to high school, college/university, and professional level dance teams. In addition, she is Professionally Certified as a Master Trainer and Choreographer for WERQ Dance Fitness, a wildly addictive cardio dance fitness workout based on popular Hip Hop and Pop music. WERQ Fitness is offered in 50 different states and counting. Tara is currently both a Hip Hop Instructor/Choreographer and Hip Hop Cardio Fitness Instructor/Choreographer at Dance Fit Flow in Kansas City, MO, the first dance studio in KC created to offer a variety of dance and fitness classes exclusively for adults. Previously, Tara danced professionally for the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders in the National Football League (NFL) for four years (Rookie Season 2013/2014 through the 2016/2017 Football Season). During this time, she served as one of the Co-Captains of the KC Chiefs Cheerleaders. Since becoming a KC Chiefs Cheerleader Alumni in 2017, Tara has continued to provide professional choreography for the KC Chiefs Cheerleaders upon request.

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Choreographer + Instructor

JaShawn Walker started dancing at the age of 7 at MGM Studio of the Dance in Wichita, KS and later attended Midwest Dance Mechanix in Valley Center, KS. She danced competitively as a member of the Midwest Dance Mechanix Company. She has a dance background in jazz, ballet, lyrical, and hip hop. While dancing at Midwest Dance Mechanix she was also a convention assistant for iHollywood Dance Convention. JaShawn has received numerous scholarships and awards including Dance of the Year at Midwest Dance Mechanix. She continued her dance career at the University of Kansas as a Rock Chalk Dancer. She was on the team for 4 years and held a captain position for 2 years. While dancing at KU she competed at UDA College Nationals, performed at 8 NCAA tournaments, numerous charity events and KU sporting events including football, basketball and volleyball. After moving to Kansas City she joined the Kansas City Twisters Dance Team where she performed and cheered as a captain for the Kansas City Tornadoes in Hyvee Arena. JaShawn is now the head coach for Graceland University Dance Team and the co-owner of Kreative Force Choreo, a company providing unique high energy routines for high school, college and professional dance teams, live performances, music videos and more.

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